As project managers, we operate as the clients’ representative at all levels. We undertake the supervision of the construction process and report directly to the client. We visit the site and resolve any issues that may arise. The frequency of our visit depends on the speed at which the work is proceeding and the proficiency of the contractor. Out quantity surveyors handle monthly payments and other administration aspects of the job.


Depending on the client’s requirement we take control of the project and we are accountable only to the client. The client is kept informed at all times of all the actions relating to the project through reports, meetings and briefings. In this way the client has constant control over the project without the need of physically being there. As a result, we ensure the clients’ minimum loss of time and effort while an expert represents them and provides solutions in relation to building regulations, contract time, budget control and quality.




The range of our services is flexible so as to adapt to the client’s needs. Our service is backed by our experience in the field.


Consultation, planning, coordination and control at different stages of the project.

Inception and design

  • Feasibility study.

  • How to choose the right design team.

  • How to avoid legal pitfalls, make sure all regulations are followed, final certificates obtained and ensure the issuing of the title of your property.

  • How to avoid costs and time consuming mistakes during the whole construction process including safety.



  • How to chose the right licensed professionals, contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers.

  • Control   of the whole process related to quality - time - budget.   

  • Communication and reports to the owner.



  • When and how to receive your project. 

  • Control of all relative issues and services.

  • Final completion certificate.

  • Obtaining of the final title deed. 


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